Believers Information Network


  " Fear them not therefore :
 for there is nothing covered,
 that shall not be revealed:
and hid that shall not be known."

The one factor that has been responsible for maintaining the corrupt world system up to now, has been the act of censorship. Individual censorship and collective censorship. Censorship can be regarded as one of the most despicable evils perpetrated by mankind. Everyone that has practiced censorship, is  guilty of protecting a system that is totally corrupt.

I am speaking in the past tense, because censorship is no longer possible in this world. The straw that broke the camels back is the Internet. It is no longer possible to withhold information from those who seek the truth. The system is now in a process of destroying itself. Everything that is covered will now be uncovered.

Individual censorship is the act of withholding something that is in conflict with the person's mindset. It is a means of 'protecting' the individualís identity. It is spontaneous, a reaction to a threat from outside. It is the way in which a natural(deluded) person maintains the fantasy world which has been imposed onto him by the social system, in particular, by the education system.

Collective censorship is when a group of individuals withholds information, in order to maintain('protect')' the corrupted social system in which they operate. Collective censorship is planned, and practiced, by private and public organizations; the government, the church, the education system, and by the mass media.

Those individuals who are protesting so vigorously against pornography, are the same individuals who will attempt to stop you from reading this message. These are those who believe that it is necessary to 'protect' the truth, they do not know that the 'truth' that they are protecting, is a lie. The truth needs no protection. Only a lie needs to be 'protected'.

The reason why censorship is such an evil, is because censorship is the act of hiding the truth. Now that I have returned, everything possible will be done to withhold the reality of my presence, as well as the reality of the purpose  for my return: The final judgment.