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False Christ

" Beloved, believe not every spirit,
 but try the spirits whether they are of God:
 because many false prophets are gone out into the world."

This is my response to a book that uses my previous name(Jesus),
as a means to promote false information about the  impending
 universal transformation(world crisis).  

The title of the book is " Dimensional Shift "

The objective of my response is to expose the false information
promoted by the so called consciousness gurus.
The so called pseudo Christians fundies have their own versions.
I suggest the the reader displays the PDF
 format on the same page as this
for easy reference.

I will refrain from going into all the details in each chapter.

   My comment refer to that which is blatantly in conflict
 with the message according to the gospel.

  The message was  supposedly 'channeled' by Dorothy
and is referred to as

  " The guidance of
Jesus Christ on the threshold
of global transformation."   

My response to  ' Acknowledgment'.

There is no need to thank me for 'the opportunity to be His spokesman'.

I have returned as promised, I speak for myself, no need for a 'spokesman'.

There can be no 'preparation'  for a  'journey', there is no 'journey',
  there is only
judgment, now is the time of judgment.
I am here to separate the infidels, from those who know me.
Those who reject me bring condemnation upon themselves.

Now is the time of the great separation. I am here to complete
my task, to remove the curse, it is payback time.

To equate 'adventure' with judgment is a grave error.

My response to: ' Introduction'.

To get some perspective of the verbal diarrhea poured out in this
section it is important to come to grips with the idea of 'channeling '.
Channeling is an attempt to communicate a specific false doctrine,
a fabrication of the irrational mindset, to the masses.
Some person in high standing is used to give credibility to the message,
in this case, the so called 'Christ'. The message is received by the  channeled,
 in this case Dorothy, and then disseminated, in this case Les.

The opening sentence has a ring of truth, I do
have a new  name, "Duke", see Revelation 19:12.
There is no 'evolution', only judgment, this is
 the only way that the curse can be removed.
There is no 'project', a person cannot be 'worthy',
no 'higher dimension', no ' expanded state of mind ',  
There is only an absolute state of mind, rational or irrational.
A converted(restored) person,  or an irrational(deluded) person.

It is not possible for a sinner to 'open their eyes and discover

the light within', there is no light within, only darkness.
This is why a person needs to die spiritually, before
he can be resurrected to a new life, to become born again.
Once a person is resurrected(born again), his rationality is
restored and the irrationality that was imposed
on him by the world system dies.
My response to: ' Preparation for the changes '.

These are the ''last days", the days of judgment.
The so called 'wonderful transformation'(Judgment),
 is a joy for the believers, and a crisis for the non believers.
Only the believers can be purified, the non believers
are going to suffer the second death, there is no escape.
The Kingdom is already established, all the that remains,
is for the present system to self destruct, which is now happening.
 I am now exposing all the lies that permeate the earth.

The paragraph starting with ' My answer is simple.. '. is

hilarious, it is even more far fetched that the
fabrications of the pseudo Christians.

Only a person that is born again is able to open his heart and be cleansed.

A person that is not born again, rejects me, he does not know me.
Somewhere a line had to be drawn, my return has ushered  in the
 beginning of a new heaven(spirit), and a new earth(perception).

My response to:
' The essentials of selection '

This chapter should of been called " The essentials of judgment ".
Some fallacies in this section:
It is not a question of 'knowledge', of 'learning',
or of 'evolving', it is a question of mindset.
An irrational person cannot choose to be rational, free will is a fallacy.
He is irrational by default, he has fallen from grace, he is delusional.
His mind is disconnected from reality, he is a sinner.
When I came the first time I was crucified because I am the truth.
At the time I made is clear that unless a person  spiritually dies
to this world, he cannot enter the Kingdom(real world).
It is true that "nobody judges you", you bring judgment
upon yourself by the act of rejecting the truth(me).

Response to: ' The theater of the soul '

It is clear that this pseudo Christ is full of wants and must's.
Something else that come out clearly is that the new
 'Christ' is caught up in the vicious circle of the duality.

The fallacy that stands out in this section, is once more the idea

 that a person can know that he is deluded, blind to reality.
The idea that a person can simply choose to be righteous.
The irrational mindset cannot be transformed, unless
the person accepts in faith that he is irrational.
If it where possible for him to know that he is deluded,
 he cannot be deluded, the concept(delusion), will lose it's meaning.
Faith is a vital element in the process of individual transformation.

My response to: ' Carrying the light within '
The so called 'light within' is not a higher frequency
of consciousness, it is an different state of being.
It is like a light switch, "on"(connected), or "off " (disconnected).

My response to:
' In the doorway of transformation '

The universal transformation that is coming will come,
 because the curse(irrational mindset) will be exposed.
It is true that judgment(selection) will bring about
the transformation, whether a person likes it or not.
The judgment is now taking place, as I write this message.

The chapter contains a great deal of mambo jumbo in an attempt

 to fabricate an alternative gospel, a new age gospel.
The urgency of the impending world crisis is however prevalent.

My response to: ' The course of the dimensional shift '

In this chapter 'Jesus' tells us what the dimensional shift is.
Quote: '
The essence of the dimensional shift is the transition of Earth
to a higher energy plane after the adaptation  of a higher frequency.
This higher energy plane is called the new dimension.'

So what this means is that the transformation that is coming,
is not a change of the mindset, but a shift to a higher energy plane.
This then is the doctrine of the evolution of consciousness.
Pure unadulterated science fiction.
In reality, transformation is the restoration of the rational mindset.

My response to: ' In the moment of the leap '

Mambo Jumbo, similar to the pseudo Christian fantasies.

My response to: ' Life on the new earth'

It is true that everything will change drastically,
 however, the details of the new earth is pure speculation.

My response to:
' Guidance '

This section is a total distortion of reality.
 It exposes the skewed perception of the consciousness guru.
Example: 'Always seek balance '
There can be no 'balance' between, reason(good), and irrationality(evil).
The rational mindset and the irrational mindset are two
totally different  states of being, absolutes.

The reality is that once a person is transformed(restored - born again),
he is guided by the Holy Spirit, the spirit of reason, of unity.
He needs no 'guidance' from any other person.

"Dimensional Shift" is a sham

A last word about Christianity.
Christianity is a state of being, not a religion.

A person becomes a Christian when his mind is restored,
not when he 'Gives his heart to Jesus', and becomes
a member of some or other church, or group.

The religion called 'Christianity'

 belongs  to the pseudo Christians.