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The Quantum Ghost

" But the eyes of the wicked shall fail,
 and they shall not escape,
 and their hope shall be
as the giving up of the ghost. "


The purpose of this essay is to offer a more detailed account of what is a completely distorted view of reality. A person does not need to be a college graduate to follow what I am about to say, all that is required is common sense. This essay will be of great benefit to those who would like to gain a deeper insight into the way natural man perceives his distorted world.

The idea of a quantum theory is a fantasy, to put it mildly. It is a fabrication concocted by natural (deluded) man, in order to justify his distorted view of reality. Energy does not move in quanta, it flows continuously. All the bizarre conclusions that are derived from the special theory of relativity, as well as quantum mechanics, belong to Alice in Wonderland, it is pure fantasy.


The word " quantum ", means discontinuous. " a fixed  elemental unit of energy: the quantum theory states that energy is radiated discontinuously in quanta. " Webster.

When we observe the movement of the second hand of the analogue clock we notice that the second hand jumps from number line(second), to number line(second). In some clocks the minute hand also jumps, strangely, the hour hand does not jump, the deception will be to obvious. Next to each number line is a number that is supposed to signify the number of seconds elapsed. Open a window on your computer screen, and go to the clock in your applications section. Set the reading to analogue, and see for yourself.

It is plain to see that there is something amiss with this clock, unless we are led to believe that time (duration) moves in quanta(spurts). We know that time is continuous and therefore the clock is misleading to our perception of time. In addition we also know that the clock is not accurate simply because no matter how fast the second hand jumps (leaps), it will take a element of time to move, and therefore the duration that the second hand pauses at each number line, will be less than one second.

The question that arises from our observation is; Why has the time clock been tampered with ? Not so many years ago, the second hand of time clocks moved continuously.  I believe that the modern time clock is a symptom, not only of the shift that has taken place in the mind of natural man, but also of how the mind of deluded man perceives reality. Why then, may we ask, the change ? What has caused natural man to distort not only the face of the clock, but also the inner mechanism ? The answer to this question is that the time clock is a reflection, an extension of irrational man.The shift of the one, one space clockwise,  to make room for the zero, is characteristic of the shift that has taken place in the mind of natural man.


The means whereby natural man justifies all his irrational theories is the modern mathematics. For the man in the street modern mathematics is a complete mystery, he accepts in good faith that mathematics makes sense. He is not aware that mathematics has lost all its credibility, that the only purpose it serves, is to protect irrational man. This is why modern mathematics is so important in the educational process, it reinforces irrationality.

Modern mathematics then, gives the intellectual the ability to manipulate his world, in order to conform to his distorted view of reality. He can do this with impunity, because he knows that the mathematics that support his theories, is too complicated for the man in the street to comprehend. His mathematical deck of cards is stacked with two jokers: the symbol; zero, and the symbol; infinity. Two sides of the same coin. With these two jokers the 'scientist' can fabricate anything that is required to protect irrationality.

I quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica: Mechanics,page; 877:

" The revolutionary development of quantum mechanics occurred with breathtaking rapidity in the years 1925-1930. It is an essentially mathematical subject that can scarcely be described without using mathematical concepts that are usually unknown to persons whose education is limited to humanistic studies. "       

For the benefit of the skeptics I quote Professor Kline from his book: Mathematics: The loss of certainty.(Page 6)

" The current predicament of mathematics is that there is not one but many mathematics and for numerous reasons each fails to satisfy the members of the opposing schools. It is now apparent that the concept of an universally accepted , infallible body of reasoning - the majestic mathematics of 1800 and the pride of man - is a grand illusion. Uncertainty and doubt concerning the future of mathematics have replaced the certainties and complacency of the past. The disagreements about the foundations of the most certain " science" are both surprising and, to put it mildly, disconcerting. The present state of mathematics is a mockery of the hitherto deep - rooted and widely reputed truth  logical perfection of mathematics. "


The quantum theory according to the Oxford dictionary is defined as: " the hypothesis , accounting for the stability of the atom and other phenomena, that in radiation, the energy of electrons is discharged not continuously, but in discreet amounts of quanta."

Now if we assume that the modern measuring instrument that measures the radiation of electron energy, is designed in the same way as the modern time clock, we would be inclined to believe that the energy, like time, moves in quanta(spurts). This misconception will then lead us to draw all kinds of false conclusions based on a false premise. Notice that the measuring instrument is designed to reinforce the false theory. It is symptomatic of irrational man.

It is important to know that the quantum theory relates to what happens at the sub atomic level, at the level where it is not possible to observe what takes place. This means that the name of the game is; speculation. All the theories are attempts to explain what actually takes place.


In the year 1926, Werner Heisenberg formulated what is known as the uncertainty principle. According to this principle, it is not possible to determine the position, as well as the velocity (speed and direction) of a sub atomic entity ('particle'). This means that the traditional idea of predicting the future, is not possible at the sub atomic level, according to the 'scientists'. This principle is referred to as the 'Copenhagen interpretation', and has many implications.

It means that the traditional idea of cause and effect is lost and replaced by an element of chaos. To use fancy language, determinism is replaced by indeterminism.   Let me make it clear that it is true that indeterminism (chaos) rules, however it only rules in the minds of those who are deluded. In reality, the principle of cause and effect applies. If a person is deluded (cause), then he is irrational (effect). A deluded person cannot choose to be rational, his behavior is determined by what he is.


The combination of the quantum theory and the uncertainty principle has led to what is referred to  as quantum mechanics. This means that we now have two branches of 'mechanics'; one for observable phenomena, Newton mechanics; and one for unobserved phenomena, quantum mechanics. To put it in symbolic language, we have a 'particle' and we have a 'wave'. The serpent's tongue is split.

What quantum mechanics tells us is that there is an unpredictable element present at the sub atomic level. It means that we cannot obtain specific results when we do measurements. Each measurement will be different; we can only determine the future by means of probabilities. Even today there are two schools of thought. The following is a quote from the Britannica; page; 887(Mechanics):

" In this sense the dispute is more concerned with feelings about possible future developments in quantum mechanics than with implications of present knowledge. The Copenhagen view leads to seeking detailed knowledge concerning the uncertainties wherever they manifest themselves. The anti- Copenhagen view motivates its adherents to a quest for modifications of present theory so that the elements of strict determinism will be restored. "

The anti-Copenhagen interpretation will soon be vindicated, as the encyclopedia Britannica puts it: " A possible future revolution in physics. " To this I now add the following: A definite revolution in this present world system is coming soon.


One of the 'experiments' that is repeatedly mentioned in order to demonstrate quantum mechanics, is the so called, 'Two slit experiment'. I quote Stephen Hawking from his book; A Brief History of Time; (page63):

" Consider a partition with two narrow parallel slits in it. On one side of the partition one places a source of light of a particular color. Most of the light will hit the partition, but a small amount will go through the slits. Now suppose one places a screen on the far side of the partition from the light. Any point on the screen will receive waves from the two slits. However, in general, the distance the light has to travel from the source to the screen via the two slits will be different. This will mean that the waves from the slits will not be in phase with each other when they arrive at the screen : in some places the waves will cancel each other out, and in others they will reinforce each other. The result is a characteristic pattern of light and dark fringes.

The remarkable thing is that one gets exactly the same kind of fringes if one replaces the source of light by a source of particles such as electrons with a definite speed. It seems the more peculiar because if one has one slit , one does not get fringes , just a uniform distribution of electrons across the screen. One might therefore think that opening another slit would just increase the number of electrons hitting each point of the screen, but because of interference, it actually decreases in some places. If electrons are sent through the slits one at a time, one would expect each to pass through one slit or the other, and behave just as if the slit it passed through were the only one there--giving a uniform distribution on the screen. In reality, however, even when the electrons are sent one at a time , the fringes will appear. Each electron, therefore , must be passing through both slits at the same time! "


Let us now see if we can restore rationality to the morass of irrationality we find ourselves in. First of all, we need to distance ourselves from the idea of the quantum theory. The idea that energy moves in 'quanta' (pockets). This we can accomplish by seeing that the quantum concept comes from the misconception that comes from the design of our measuring instruments.  The instrument is designed to reinforce the idea that energy moves in pockets. The idea that energy moves in pockets, is in turn established by the shift in perception that takes place when man becomes deluded. This means that natural man is caught in a vicious circle, one misconception leads to a false theory, which in turn results in another misconception, and so on.

Secondly, we need to distance ourselves from the idea of the uncertainty principle. This is done by realizing that the measurement of velocity and position are two concepts that are mutually exclusive. Extension on the co-ordinate system is not compatible with position on the co-ordinate system. In order to measure the velocity of a moving object, we equate distance with respect to time, that is, extension with respect to duration. We express the result as A units per second. Geometrically this can be represented by a line, A units in length, on the co-ordinate grid. In contrast to velocity, position is not represented by a line. All that is required is a valid equation expressed in the form:
x = x+1 = y on the co-ordinate grid, the end of x is the beginning of y, and this is a specific position on the line. In other words; position is without magnitude, it shows a particular location on the co-ordinate grid, whereas velocity requires a specific magnitude (extension). Conceptually time is not possible without duration(extension), position can be specified within a range, however to pinpoint position, one has to eliminate range.

Thirdly, by distancing ourselves from the quantum idea,  as well as the uncertainty principle, we distance ourselves from the duality of quantum mechanics. We see the 'two slit experiment' for what it is; a symptom of natural man's deluded mind. Natural man is the fabricator of duality, he has a split mind, everything has to be equated with 'existence' and 'non existence '.


We will now briefly examine why Mr. Hawking and his friends find it so difficult to believe that ' one electron' can go through 'two slits' at the same time.

When a person takes a partition and makes two slits (holes) in the partition, the result cannot be a partition with two slits. In other words one entity, does not become   three entities. What happens in reality, is that one can no longer speak of a partition, a partition with holes in it, has lost it's meaning, it becomes a sieve. What was partition it is no longer a partition. It does not matter if one makes one, or two, or a thousand holes in the partition, the moment it has one hole in it, it is no longer a partition. With natural man's split mind the partition becomes 'partition' as well as 'non  partition' (slit). This is the beginning of chaos and deception.

This kind of 'reasoning' continues so that the two slit experiment consists of the following elements: a partition, and a non-partition (slit), a particle and a non-particle (wave),  a observer and a non-observer (ghost) ? No wonder confusion reigns.

The 'electron' does not go through the 'slit' in the    'partition', it moves freely, unless it is interfered with by something, in which case it will change direction. To say that the 'electron' goes through the 'slit' in the 'partition' is pure fantasy. When the 'electron' goes through the sieve, it goes through all the holes(slits)of the the sieve at the same time. Should we examine the experiment in the light of these revelations we see that all the mysticism disappears like mist in the wind. The 'particle/wave ' duality makes way for energy (light).


The days of the quantum ghost are numbered. No longer will it be possible to deceive the people with theories that comes from a broken spirit. The fantasy world of the 'scientist' is in a state of collapse. Soon the curse will be removed to make place for a new perception. A perception that comes from the Light that shines in the darkness, the darkness that is dominant in this present world.