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Stream-Line is a management technology which allows every activity within a business to be managed, by simply solving the task communication, allocation and feedback problem.

It allows users to co-ordinate and manage operations in such a way that the 'ball' cannot be dropped, that information is ubiquitous and that responsibility is always clearly defined.

Stream-Line ties people, activities, documents, projects, systems, resources and much more together in a logical and collaborative whole that is intuitive and universally accessible via the internet.  More important, it gives direction to the expense of corporate effort.

Stream-Line is Internet pull technology.  It can be accessed via the Internet, a LAN or WAN.  E-mail is push technology and once your e-mail is out there...sp^am,sp^am.  The solution?  Channeling (pull technology) eliminates the problems associated with e-mail and gives subscribers access to information without giving out their e-mail addresses.

Stream-Line is developed in South Africa and is ideal for small and medium sized (2-100 users) businesses that need 'any task performed in series or in parallel by two or more members of a workgroup to reach a common goal'.