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'Time is the most precious element of human existence.  The successful person knows how to put energy into time and how to draw success from time' - Dennis Waitly

An appointment or meeting is a special type of task tied to a time slot.  As with normal tasks they are associated with Address Book Entries and will form part of the audit trail of the interaction between the organization and the external party.  Stream-Line allows for extensive allocation, management and logging of time in a collaborative approach.

The calendar features allow users to share information on events that might pertain to other users or groups.

E-mail and sms are used to confirm and to remind attendees (clients) of appointments.

As all activities are logged and time associated, meaningful management and reports are automatically generated.

  • Avoid over-commitment of time or of someone taking advantage of your empty diary.  Stream-Line integrates your workflow with your diary.

  • Schedule meetings, invite people, book resources, etc. similar to your conventional electronic diary.

  • View your commitments and deliverables alongside each day in your diary, to enable you to plan properly and meet all your deadlines.

  • View the diaries vs commitments of other people in your team to prevent double bookings and schedule meetings or activities at times convenient to all parties.

  • Allocate or reserve time in your diary for workflow commitments (e.g. proposals, creating documents, research, reviews or other important matters that are left  undone due to a lack of time).

  • Restrict access to personal or confidential items.