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"Action without a name, a 'who' attached to it, is meaningless" - Hannah Arendt

Stream-Line tracks progress.

Any task that is scheduled, results in an audit trail, which is shared with the broader organization and potentially with external stakeholders.

Tasks are associated with address book entries so that the state of events pertaining to any client, partner, supplier or other entity, is instantly accessible, by anyone within the broader organization. 

The Address Book is, in essence an electronic repository of a filing system.  It is available to clients, suppliers, partners or even conceptual folders, such as 'leave related issues' or 'tax related issues'.

Instead of having the clients in the accounting system, the prospective client in the sales management system and the suppliers in the stock control system, Stream-Line unifies the various address books typically found in an organization.

Using XML technology it is, of course, possible to synchronize Stream-Line with various legacy systems.

  • You need now only look in one place to see everything that is expected of you as well as by whom and by when.
  • Attach electronic documents to tasks or file them in a client's electronic folder (address book), to ensure that you always have all information and original documentation on hand.
  • Stream-Line intercepts e-mails and faxes and can seamlessly allocate them to the relevant person, group and address book entry.
  • Separate personal contacts from the general address book directory.