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"Plan well before you take the journey.  Remember the carpenter's rule: 'measure twice, cut once' "

As Stream-Line solves the problem of managing tasks at the micro level, it is a simple extension of functionality to string numerous tasks together into a process or project. 

Stream-Line allows for two approaches in this respect:  structured (or formal) processes and unstructered (or informal) processes.

Processes are complex procedures that organizations undertake where multiple people and resources need to be co-ordinated and managed. 

Unstructured processes are driven by the concept of the sub-task, whereby sub-tasks are associated ad-hoc with existing tasks.

Structured processes are pre-designed recipes that are evoked at the start process.  Stream-Line then guides the user through the process.

The progress of both structured and unstructured processes can be monitored with real time Gantt charts that graphically highlight the elements of the process, their progress and the bottleneck.

  • Project information is available live from any computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Track tasks/deliverables in real time and monitor their influence on milestones or delivery dates.
  • Do real-time resource management and view tasks currently in progress.  With Stream-Line you have no need to ask anyone "what is happening?" or "have you done it?"
  • Simultaneously manage an unlimited number of resources and an unlimited number of teams/projects .  Factor in and manage external dependencies on contractors or service providers.
  • View a graphical representation of deliverable's predecessors and/or dependencies.
  • Capture all inter-project communication between resources and/or the client or project sponsor.
  • Capture all actions and processes in your business to document and retain intellectual property.  Access a complete, documented history of any deliverable.
  • Use Stream-Line as a knowledge management tool and deliver a complete knowledge base to the client of the project plan, its execution and all relevant documentation or procedures.