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"One cannot manage that which one cannot measure."

Once the habit is established of using Stream-Line as the default interface for communication and the distribution of tasks, management is presented with a wealth of information that can be used to improve efficiency.

Furthermore, it becomes possible to appraise the performance of staff members based on turn-around times, volumes and quality of task executions.

This is the reason why we introduced task complexity and performance ratings into Stream-Line.  Every task that gets scheduled is rated (subjectively) on a complexity rating scale of one to five.  Every time a task is accepted as complete by an initiator, the initiator is obliged to rate (subjectively) the performance of the user.

The result of all these ratings is that management is availed of an objective and representative indication of the quality and volume of work being produced.

When these statistics are viewed over a period of time, deviations can be intercepted before they lead to problems and pro-active management becomes a reality.