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Task Delegation
Does your workload keep you awake at night?

  • Assign or re-assign tasks within seconds.
  • Track tasks of interest in other departments or on behalf of customers by address book or virtual folder entry according to an unique system-generated task reference number.
  • Make quality assurance a part of everyone's responsibility - only accept or sign-off tasks with which you are completely satisfied.
  • Transfer ownership of tasks to others for further action or create new tasks linked to existing tasks.

Task Feedback
Have you ever requested information or assigned a task and never heard about it again?

  • With Stream-Line you can track all requests, reduce administration, the number of e-mails sent and received and retain a complete chronological task history and audit trail of events on each task.
  • From a central pool of information, you have a holistic, real-time view of and direct control over all the inputs, outputs, processes, tasks and activities in your organization, as well as direct access to all inter-team communications.
  • Reduce time spent at feedback meetings.

Task Management
Are you constantly missing deadlines and experience tasks falling through the cracks?

  • Specify and revise follow-up dates to ensure you achieve deadlines.
  • Manage your workflow according to deadlines, priority and type of task.
  • Archive older or completed items.
  • Easily follow up on outstanding tasks, events and issues.