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> Kids Accounting
A Comprehensive Management System for Nursery Schools

Kids Accounting comprises of three separate entities all built into one user-friendly, cost effective system. The system's three main characteristics are:

Accounting System

Full invoicing, receipting and statement functionalities.

It also gives you the ability to at any time break the business down into various income centres so that the profitability of the business in small fractures can be assessed.

The accounting system also provides the business with monthly statements that can be handed over to an accounting officer or auditor to draw up yearly statements.

Administration System

All relevant information pertaining to the children, their parents and/or the person/s responsible for the monthly fees, can be stored.

This not only gives Kids Accounting owners a hands-on business facility, but also provides a central repository of all communication and documentation that was given or received from parents and/or the responsible person/s.

The fact that all relevant information and communication is kept in a central repository, makes it so much easier to retrieve when necessary.

Contact Management System

Communication is optimised through the use of e-mails and sms's. All invoices, receipts and statements are sent to parents and/or responsible person/s via the Kids Accounting and the history of these e-mails are kept associated with the parent and/or responsible person/s entry.

By using the sms functionality, bulk sms's can be sent to parents or just to groupings of parents i.e. by classes.

The Contact Management System gives businesses a platform from where they can communicate, in a cost effective and time saving manner.
Kids Accounting provides the Nursery School not only with the above-mentioned business enhancing programmes, but also gives them some value added services such as:

  • A community website where schools can list themselves and get exposure to the broader public.

  • Schools belonging to the community can retrieve examples of reports for various age groups as well as examples of lesson plans.

  • The website will also have a system whereby parents and/or responsible person/s, can log in with a username and password and retrieve their latest invoice and will also be able to see a list of previous statements and invoices.

  • Kids Accounting provides offsite backup of captured data. This gives the Nursery School peace of mind that all captured data is safe and stored.

  • Kids Accounting has a debit order facility. Parents and/or responsible person/s can now authorise the Nursery School to deduct the monthly costs directly from their bank accounts.

    It is therefor clear that Kids Accounting not only fills a much needed gap in the educational market but also exceed the expectations when comparing it to other software in the market.

    The main aim of any system is to increase productivity, leverage human effort and save costs - Kids Accounting has it all!