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My Letter To You

( An open letter to all my friends )



" These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs :
but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak
unto you in proverbs: but I shall show you
plainly of the Father. "


Peace be with you all. I greet you in the name
of our Father who is in heaven. This is an
open letter to all my friends. I am
writing to you, the converts of
this world. I am bringing you the message
of hope, the message according to the Gospel.


I know that you are scattered
all over this world. I know that you do
not belong to any particular race, or religion.
I know that you are persecuted wherever
you are, and that you are hated by
this world. This is why I know
that you are my friends.


" If the world hate you,
ye know that it hated me before it hated you. "


I am writing to you,
so that ye may be strengthened in the spirit.
Being united in the spirit, we are all of one mind.
Although we are in this world,
we are not part of this world.


"And we know that we are of God,
and the whole world lieth in wickedness."


I am writing to you, my friend,
because the harvest is ripe.
You have accepted
the message according to the Gospel,
and now the time has come to be purified.
As for now,
this world cannot accept the message
according to the Gospel.
Soon the world will have no choice,
but, to accept the message.
This is the promise according to the Gospel.


"For it is written, as I live, saith the Lord,
every knee shall bow to me,
and every tongue shall confess to God. "


This world cannot,
and does not accept that change is possible,
it is only you the converted,
who knows that change is possible.
Not only do you know that change is possible,
you also know that it is only by the grace of God,
that change is possible.
Unless a person has changed
it is not possible for him to know that change is possible.
You were saved my friend,
because, you accepted the message according to the Gospel,
in faith.


As you well know the change we speak of is conversion.
The message according to the Gospel
is that man has fallen:
that he is separated from his Creator,
and that reconciliation is possible.
When we say that man has fallen,
we are saying that he is irrational,
Conversion enables man to restore his morality,
to become a rational being once more.
This world does not accept that man has fallen,
neither does it accept
that conversion is possible.


Not even the alcoholics anonymous organization,
which use the Bible as their guide, believes in change.
According to them 'once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic.'
It is like saying, 'once a sinner, always a sinner.'
This is not true.
Alcoholism can be controlled, or it can be cured.
To control alcoholism
is to apply the principle of the Old Testament; the law.
To cure alcoholism,
is to apply the principle of the New Testament;
The alcoholics anonymous organization
do not make this distinction.


The converts of this world
know that when the Son of man came the first time,
his mission was to bring salvation to this world.
The Son of man
did not die for this world,
he was crucified, because of this world.
This world did not accept him then,
and this world cannot accept him now.
It is only a convert like you, my friend,
who can humbly say;
"The Son of man died for me, because I crucified him."


It is only the convert that knows that the
Son of man is resurrected;
that he is alive.
He the convert knows this,
because he himself, is resurrected.
When a person has fallen, he cannot know anything,
he is blind to reality.
Every person that is born into this world,
is guilty of crucifying the Son of man.
To be born into this world, is to die spiritually.
This, my friend, is the first death spoken of in the Bible.


I am writing this letter to you,
the resurrected, the ones that are born anew.
Let your hearts be filled with joy,
for you will not suffer the second death.
The second death is reserved
for those who are spiritually dead;
those who reject the message according to the Gospel.


" Blessed and holy
is he that hath part in the first resurrection:
on such the second death hath no power,
but they shall be priests of
God and of Christ,
and shall reign with him a thousand years. "


The good news is
that the curse that is upon mankind
is going to be removed.
The good news is that you, my friend,
have not suffered in vain.
It is no longer possible for this world
to ignore the message according to the Gospel.
The world as you knew it,
is in a state of collapse,
it is coming to an end.


" As therefore, the tares are gathered and burned
in the fire, so shall it be in the end of this world. "


I am writing to those of you who are homeless,
those of you who cannot hold a job.
If you should feel that there is something wrong with you,
this letter is to put your mind at ease.
The problem, my friend, is not with you,
it is with those who persecute you.
Those who reject the message according to the Gospel,
will do anything in their power
to make you feel
that there is something wrong with you.
I know your suffering has been great,
even so, I urge you to hold onto your faith.
Now is the time to be patient.


" And ye shall be hated of all 'men' for my name's sake:
but he that shall endure unto the end,
the same shall be saved. "


I am also aware of the discomfort that those of you,
who are members of the organized church, suffer.
The time has come for you to stand up,
to let your light shine.
Should they ban you from the church, be glad,
for the
Son of man told you in advance that this will happen.


" They shall put you out of the synagogues;
yea, the time cometh,
that whosoever killeth you
will think that he doeth God service. "


This letter is addressed to you,
the converts of this world.
I know they condemn you because they say:
'you are not a Christian, that you are lost,
because you are a Moslem,
a Hindu,
a Jew,
or a Buddhist.'
They are wrong my friend,
because what they say
is contrary to the message according to the Gospel.


" And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold:
they also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice;
and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. "


My fellow servants, we are friends,
because we serve the one and only God,
the forgiver of sin.
We know that the day of judgment is coming soon.
We know that those who reject the Son of man,
bring condemnation upon themselves.
Fallen man has no choice,
he is the Antichrist spoken of in the Bible,
he is going to reject the Son of man a second time.
Fallen man is going to suffer the second death.


" But the natural man receiveth not
the things of the Spirit of God,
for they are foolishness unto him. "


Have the scribes told you that man is born a sinner?
Do not believe this my friend, for man is born without sin.
Man is born into a world of sin,
his first birth leads to death; spiritual death.
Natural man is spiritually dead.
He does not choose to die,
death is imposed on him by this lost world.


Do you remember when you blew out the candle
on your 'first' birthday cake?
The cake my friend,
was your 'reward' for becoming part of this world.
When you blew out the candle you were already lost.
You were made to believe
that blowing out the candle was an achievement.
It was an act that came about through coercion;
it was the day of your confirmation into an irrational
world, it was your first formal act of conformity,
to the ways of natural man.


When natural man comes to life,
spiritual man dies.
The transition from spiritual man, to natural man,
takes place before the child reaches the end of his
first year. When the child blows out the candle,
he has already lost his sense of reality.
He is deluded, a sinner, separated from God.
This is the message according to the Gospel.


When spiritual man loses his identity,
he becomes natural man.
Natural man has no sense of identity,
his frame of reference is apart from himself.
This loss of identity takes place at the time of
Identification is the process by which man
establishes his frame of reference.


When we are born,
we have a sense of identity.
This sense of identity is without language,
it is completely innocent.
We are spiritual beings, without blemish.
My friend, when you see a newborn baby,
you see a child of God.


As soon as the infant begins to develop a sense of
awareness he begins to interact with his environment.
Those close to him
encourage him to make sounds,
and to observe his surroundings.
The infant is now ready for the process of identification.
By connecting a word sound with an entity,
the infant identifies;
he establishes his frame of reference.


If the infant identifies with an entity apart
from himself, a shift takes place.
His frame of reference shifts from
the " I " to the entity that is " not I. "
The infant is now separated from himself, the spirit.
The frame of reference is now an entity apart from
the spirit; an entity that does not exist in reality.
This entity is known as
" the self ".
The infant has lost his identity,
he is now deluded;
a sinner.


Natural man has lost his identity.
The I, has been replaced by the pseudo I;
the self.
The self is an entity outside of existence,
an entity that is the fabrication of the mind,
an entity divorced from reality.
Mathematically speaking:
the " one " has been shifted to make room for the " zero. "
Natural man's frame of reference is " zero "
This my friend,
is the message according to the Gospel.


" But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation,
spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
standing where it ought not
(let him that readeth understand),
then let them that are in Judaea flee to the mountains. "


This letter my friend,I am writing to you,
so that you may see clearly.
Natural man cannot open his mouth without lying;
he has an inverted sense of morality,
he is a murderer.
What natural man does is not a matter of choice;
his behavior is reactionary,
he cannot help himself.
Natural man does not know that he is deluded;
that he is irrational.
The only hope for him
is to accept the message according to the Gospel,
in faith.


When natural man commits a crime,
he does not become a criminal.
The criminal act my friend, is not a cause,
it is a symptom. Natural man is a criminal,
he solves his problems by the use of force,
direct force, or indirect force.
A person who is irrational, behaves irrationally,
he cannot choose to be rational.
As long as the light is rejected, darkness prevails.


Natural man is separated from God,
his creator.
This is why natural man is preoccupied
with the act of separation.
The part is separated from the whole;
this leads to idolatry.
Natural man is an idolater.
He values that which is separated from the whole;
that which in reality does not exist.
His whole life
is an attempt to explain that which does not exist,
the unexplainable.


The symbol that symbolizes the fall of man
is the German swastika.
The symbol is derived from the falsification
of the face
of the time clock.
The " one " has been shifted
one place
in a clockwise direction,
to make room for the
" zero ".
The " zero " is disguised by the number 'twelve'.
The end result
is a time clock 'numbered' from zero to twenty three.
Natural man refers to the first hour
as 'zero hour'.
His frame of reference is zero.


" Verily, verily, I say unto thee.
Except a man be born again,
he cannot see the Kingdom of God. "


Conversion my friend,
is the transformation that takes place
when natural man,
changes to spiritual man.
It is the resurrection of spiritual man.
Conversion reconciles man
with his Maker;
it brings an end to the separation
between God and man.
The spirit of God is restored within man,
and the self is abandoned.


You my friend,
is proof that the Son of man is alive;
that he is resurrected.
When the Son of man came the first time,
he came to break the vicious circle;
to conquer spiritual death.
He promised that he will come again,
so that this world may be judged.
This is the message according to the Gospel.


" Then said Jesus unto his disciples,
if any `man' will come after me,
let him deny himself,
and take up his cross, and follow me. "


Conversion my friend, does not mean,
'to give your heart to Jesus'.
Conversion is a very painful process.
It is compared to a woman giving birth.
To deny the self means to abandon everything
that gives a person a sense of 'identity';
it means to die to this world,
to be crucified with the Son of man.


Natural man's 'identity'
is fabricated by non-existence:the self.
The 'world' of natural man is not the real world,
it is a world that 'exists' apart from reality,
it is a fantasy world.
It is all that natural man has,
his 'identity', his very 'existence',
is dependent on a non-existing world.
This is what it means to be deluded.
Natural man believes that his delusion reflects reality.


What makes it worse,
is that it is not possible for natural man to know
that he is deluded.
If conversion takes place, it is by an act of faith.
He needs to accept in faith that his whole life,
everything he has done in the past,
and everything he thinks he knows;
is a total fraud.
In other words, conversion requires an act of
humiliation, of total submission,
that is only possible by the grace of God.


" And he said to the woman,
thy faith hath saved thee; go in peace. "


If a person had come to you before you were
converted my friend,
and told you that you were deluded,
that you have the blood of the Son of man on
your hands, what would you have told him?
You would have told him that he is speaking nonsense,
that he is the one that is deluded.
Your salvation my friend,
was only possible because
you accepted the message according to the Gospel,
in faith.
Without this faith,
you would have kept denying that you were lost.


I know that there are those of you
who received the message indirectly,
those of you who have never read the Bible.
Your salvation came through submission.
Some of you were fortunate to remain isolated from
this world, and were forced by circumstances
to humble yourselves before our heavenly Father.
Be thankful that you are saved.


When natural man humiliates himself before God,
confessing that he is a sinner,
the confession leads to repentance and then forgiveness.
Confession and repentance go hand in hand.
When natural man repents,
the sorrow comes from his heart;
he weeps.
The act of weeping is an indication of true sorrow.
Our Father in heaven is merciful,
he forgives and transforms.


This world is totally opposed to the idea of denying
the self. Natural man does everything in his power
to maintain and reinforce the self.
Even the organized church,
sees self-esteem as a virtue and not a vice.
As long as the self is valued, conversion is not possible.
Now my friend, you can see why there is celebration in

when only one conversion takes place.


It is only you the converted, who know how dramatic
the change is from natural man,
to spiritual man.
Now you know what happened to Saul,
when he became Paul.
From a man who persecuted the converts, to a man
who proclaimed the message according to the Gospel.
I am writing to you, so that you may
fully comprehend the prayer of the Son of man,
when he prayed for you.


" That they all may be one:
as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee,
that they also may be one in us:
that the world may believe that thou has sent me. "


Conversion my friend, is not an end in itself;
it is the beginning of a new life.
It is like leaving your home town and then upon
returning, finding that you are no longer welcome.
You have become a stranger in your own home town.
All of a sudden you are treated like a leper.
The transformation has put a burden on your shoulders;
the burden of being persecuted.


" Now we have received, not the spirit of this world,
but the spirit of God. "


You my fellow servant, are clean,
except for your feet,
they are still in touch with this world.
It is not pleasant to have another wash your feet.
When the Son of man came the first time,
Peter was reluctant to have his feet washed, even so,
the Son of man told him that it was necessary.
I am writing to you, so that you may know,
that you will suffer
to the extent
that you resist having your feet washed.


As you are cleansed,
so shall the persecution against you increase,
and likewise,
so shall your suffering decrease.
Beware of those who make false accusations,
use the written word as your defense,
do not waver in your faith.
Beware of the doctrines of men,
remember there is only one fold and one shepherd.


When the Son of man came the first time,
the hate that the world has for him
increased day by day.
In the end the Son of man
was crucified for his purity of heart.
He exposed the world for what it is.
This world has ignored
the message according to the Gospel.
Now the time has come for this world to pay the penalty.
Judgment day is imminent.


The transition from natural man to spiritual man
brings with it a new awareness.
This is the awareness of reality.
This awareness enables spiritual man to make the
distinction between good and evil.
Spiritual man is aware that his own self lingers on.
He now knows that even although the spirit of God
dominates within him,
the " old person " is still present.


Spiritual man my friend,
has the ability to know that his enemy is not
" out there ",
but within himself.
He knows that there is a war
between the good and the evil within himself.
No longer does he blame the " world out there ",
for his problems. It is this knowledge
that opens the door to his cleansing.
Conversion is a new beginning,
a time for purification.
This is the message according to the Gospel.


Natural man my friend,
will tell you that you are too idealistic,
that we live in an imperfect world.
This is not true, this world is not imperfect,
it is totally corrupt.
They actually hate you
because you are striving for perfection.

Do not be discouraged.
Continue to pray for cleansing,
for this my friend,
by the grace of our Father in heaven,
is the one thing you should be doing.


" Be ye therefore perfect,
even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. "


I am writing this letter to you,
my friends,
the street people of this world.
You are the faithful ones that have kept the word.
You have wandered from city to city,
living from day to day;
you are the blessed ones.
I know, because I have walked amongst you.


I also know how you find comfort in the
little book you carry around with you.
I have rubbed shoulders with you,
I have stood in line with you,
I have eaten with you,
I am familiar with the shelters
that give you accommodation.
I know you,
as you know me.


" And whosoever shall not receive you,
nor hear your words,
when ye depart out of that house or city,
shake the dust off your feet. "


Those of you who still hold a job,
be thankful that you have friends in the work place.
I know that, at times,
there are those who take advantage of your humility.
They often falsely accuse you of wrongdoing,
and they treat you like a slave.
Be of good cheer, your time has come.
The Father has kept his promise;
the time for your redemption is at hand.


I greet you in the name of our heavenly Father.
I am Duke, your friend, and fellow servant.


" These things have I ...............


P.S. The letter was written in 1994.
       The time has come.

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